Thursday, May 15, 2014

My "Horse Owning" Bucket List

Seems I’m mostly just doing blog hops lately, but I really wanted to do this one!

My horse is everything I need, and I’d love for him to hang around forever with me, but at some stage I want to retire him into a huge orchard with shady trees and a come-as-you-please shelter/box and plenty of carrots. At this stage I’ll probably look for a new partner in crime to carry me around cross country and play dressage on. So, without further ado, my horse owning bucket list.

 Cleveland Bay.

Is this cheating? Considering Oscar is a Cleveland Bay…

I would own another Cleveland Bay gelding in a heartbeat – preferably one that hit the 16hh mark. Sorry Oscar, you were an inch or so off!  

Australian Stock Horse.

If I was cheating with the Cleveland Bay thing, my next horse would definitely be an Australian Stock Horse. I’d like a 16hh bay gelding. They just have so much going for them and I think they are so underrated. I think they are perfect for lower level eventing as they are reasonably athletic, brave and have good temperaments. Oh- this would also have to be a bay!


For something flashy and dressage arena appropriate, I’d choose an Oldenburg. They’ve always been my favourite out of the Warmblood breeds and usually have a bit more brain than their Hanoverian cousins. I’d go all out and choose a really dark bay flashy thing over 17hh!

Gypsy Cob
Slightly breaking away from my attraction to bay horses, I’d quite like a tri-coloured Gypsy Cob. I’d just drive around in a cart on Sundays probably, and maybe try eventing a Gypsy Cob. Just to stand out like a sore thumb!

Welsh Section B Pony
If I had to get a pony I would get a Section B Welsh pony. Big enough to have fun with in hand (minis just don’t seem like horses to me), and something for nieces/nephews to ride around on. Small enough to play with and dress up in colourful and funky hoods and rugs.


And finally, I would get a Standardbred, a Thoroughbred or a Kaimanawa horse as a paddock mate. One that was destined for … somewhere unpleasant.
I currently have one of those at the moment and he’s pretty grateful to still be kicking around and getting cuddles.  


  1. If wishes were horses... I'd have a whole bunch of different ones, lol. God list!