Thursday, October 23, 2014

Equidays! - aka, honey I shrunk the bank balance..

Equidays is an annual horse lovers paradise. It's a three day weekend packed full of seminars, clinics, competitions and equestrian stalls with plenty of sale items!

This year was my first time going; I usually (wisely) avoid things like this because I have no will power in the face of so much temptation. I promised myself that I would pick up two items, and two items only, being a pair of spurs and if I could find one, a brass/aurigon full cheek snaffle.

That promise didn't work out so well in the end. I ended up buying:

  • A halter with fleeces.
  • A new white diamond quilt competition saddle cloth, with extra padding and silver trim.
  • A navy diamante wave browband for my grackle bridle.
  • A pair of medium length dressage spurs (and a pair of leather spur straps - unfortunately I couldn't find any with a brass buckle).
  • Australian beeswax saddle soap/conditioner.
  • A sweat scraper/shedding blade combo.
  • Savvy Touch 2in1 shampoo and conditioner.
  • Savvy Touch spray detangler.
  • Equine Essentials natural organic repair cream.
  • A navy B//Vertigo polo baseball cap.
  • A navy showerproof, lightweight Musto jacket.
I also took away samples of Prydes Result, which is a feed I am looking at switching to. I asked the Prydes rep which would be the best formula for my horse based on him being an easy keeper in moderate work, and they gave me a sample of the Result. Also, I took away a sample of a new electrolytes formula, but it's in the bottom of a bag and I haven't tried it out yet. It would have been useful post-awful hack earlier this week, but unfortunately I didn't have it on hand!

I wish I had saved up a little bit more, as I found two amazing kiwi ladies making their own DIY things. One sold merino wool lined saddle blankets which were beautiful, and the other made custom browbands/bridles/halters/dog collars with personalised gemstones in the strapping. Unfortunately I have two gorgeous diamante browbands, but I am definitely looking at getting Benny and Lucy a collar each! I'm saving up for a saddle blanket and two collars after I organise my vet bill (boring!), and I'm so excited! Shopping has to my favourite thing.

Anyway, I completely and utterly broke my no-shopping promise, but quite a few of the things I brought are kiwi/Australian made and so I'm hoping to do a few reviews. Quite a few readers are from overseas (not NZ/Australia) and so may be interested in some products from down under! It was a small goal of mine to reach 50 followers this year (thank you all that are following me!) and I hope to do an end of year giveaway open to followers across the globe, of one or two of the kiwi/aussie items that I brought. Just in case anybody is interested in trying them out. I know I'm biased, but I am originally from the UK and I'm always amazed at how creative these humans from down under actually are, ha! Considering the UK has such a great reputation for horse gear, I love NZ stuff!
(If I do do a giveaway upon reaching 50 followers, it will be completely at random and my kiwi followers can totally enter too!)

Away from shopping, I watched seminars by three overseas instructors who were all absolutely brilliant! I will be using some of the techniques I learnt in the future, and I'll be sure to write about how they work and credit the trainers I learnt them from!

With regards to the competitions, I was able to watch a saddle hunter class for the first time!
Saddle hunter is a show class catering for the heavier horses, and assesses a horse's suitability for a hard day's hunting. You're expected to show your horse's suitability by demonstrating good temperament and working paces; including gallop!

One of the saddle hunter competitors.

I've never been interested in showing before, owning a heavier horse, but I think saddle hunter (and working hunter) might be something Oscar would be more suited to! I just need to check the local show programs and see if they offer those classes close to home!

Amy and I watching the Pony Grand Prix - and admiring all the bling that show jumpers are allowed to wear!


  1. i kinda love the title for this post lol. sounds like a good haul - will be curious to hear how you like all the new swag!

  2. Loveeeeeeeeeeee the fluffy halter!! <3 And all the other stuff too!

  3. I love this post title so much.