Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wet Ears!

Three pairs of very wet ears on a walk around the racecourse block yesterday evening!

Mystery lameness seems to have gone away, I gave Oscar a walk, trot, canter on both reins in a small paddock and he seemed happy enough - if slightly bored and unmotivated. It's okay, it's nearly Friday.

So to perk things up we went on a hack with our two favourite riding buddies.

It's very cool that N, T and I all have very similar goals with our horses and we had a long chat about next season. We're all busy adults too, and so have all experienced how life gets in the way of competitions, which is great as now we've made a pact to push each other to achieve our goals next season!

Both N & T were keen show jumpers, but I may have enticed N to the dark side. She owns a Thoroughbred after all, and her horse has a very cool attitude for eventing. He's scopey, honest and is a quick thinker in a tricky spot. Very excited at the thought of having a B2 next season, and Oscar seems to enjoy Spook's company.

Since my horse is currently sound, our lesson this evening gets the go ahead. One of my small goals to pre novice is to win/place in a dressage series. I'll talk to C tonight about which level will be appropriate, I'm secretly hoping to compete level 3, but it's been a good four years since we've done a dressage test and so it might pay to be conservative.

We shall see!


  1. yay glad he is sound again! enjoy the lesson :) also - very cool that you might have eventing buddies this year too - that always makes things more fun !

  2. SO glad the mystery lameness has gone! It's so scary when things like that happen!! Hope your lesson is good :)

    1. Thanks, such a pain - we don't have time for mystery lamenesses around here!