Monday, April 20, 2015

Show Jump Practise at Tielcey Park Stables

Such creativity within my blog titles lately!

I mentioned a while back that I had an upcoming show jumping clinic with a well known NZ rider.

The last time I jumped was April 2014, where I was pretty nervous for no good reason. As I mentioned in that blog post, it had been around three years before that that I last jumped.

It may have been mad to book into a jumping clinic with no real practise, but I decided it was the only way I would move forward and actually practise. So, a couple of days prior to the clinic, T and I floated our horses out to Tielcey Park Stables to pop over the jumps and settle our horses in the arena. Oscar looks at everything and I didn't want to pay for a spot on the clinic only to have my horse running sideways across the arena every time he saw something he didn't like.

We got to Tielcey, and already Oscar seemed a lot more settled than he did when I took him for a hack along the bridle path; good sign. I think as long as he can see a horse then he is okay!

(Oh! He also got clipped last week. Just a simple blanket clip because at one point we were down to do our first ever hunt. I've decided against hunting him, my reasons for doing so can go in a post for another time though - back to our jumping outing.)

So Oscar was settled straight off the bat when we arrived, T and I left the horses whilst we went and set up a few jumps. There was a LOT of variety, we set up a few uprights, oxers, a double, a wall and a hanging filler or two just to see if there would be any aversion to anything. The heights varied from a 30cm (1'0") cross rail to one or two 70cm (2'3") uprights/oxers. T and her horse jumped everything, whereas I didn't quite have my brave pants on. I jumped one of the larger oxers as part of a double, the wall and a hanging filler that T's horse stopped at. Oscar went over everything without batting an eyelid, so I stopped quite early. No need to overdo it. I'm of the opinion that a horse doesn't forget how to jump, so unless you're working on something specific then you don't need to jump everything in the arena. It's the excuse I come up with anyway when I don't feel particularly excited to jump all of the jumps - ha!

So all in all a really successful short and sweet eye opener prior to the show jumping clinic - which I will talk about in my next post. I'm almost up to date with my posts now, just got a post about the clinic coming up, then I had another lesson with C on Friday which left me both hating and loving dressage at the same time. I have a show jumping lesson with a new trainer that has been highly recommended for me this Wednesday, and then a jam packed weekend with a cross country practise, a dressage show and then judging a pony club gymkhana on Monday, which is ANZAC day and therefore a public holiday. Even typing it out is a mouthful!

* fun and jumps aside, I finally purchased a basic blogger template and got rid of the awful thing I had going on for a week or so there. I wanted something super basic that I could play with, without having to change code for the rest of the template whenever I changed a colour here or there. This one is a blank slate pretty much, so I'm looking forward to honing my photoshop skills and refreshing  my knowledge of HTML! 


  1. sounds like a promising schooling session ahead of the clinic - with lots of other fun stuff coming too!

    1. Yes, one way to keep the winter blues away!
      So jealous of your impending summer!

  2. I'm so glad he was good! I can't wait to read about the clinic.