Thursday, July 21, 2016

Too Much Weekday, Not Enough Coffee..

I've been a little lethargic over the past week, mainly due to limiting my coffee intake and forgetting my iron supplements after dinner a few times. When you're a carb girl through and through, it's hard to be a vegetarian and still get adequate amounts of what your body needs. Spinach and chips has nothing on steak and chips. Time to get back on the green smoothies I think. 

Of course, it is that much harder to be motivated with your riding when you have no real tangible goals and that's not helping my recent low energy state of mind. With my trailer still out of action and business as slow as it is (having a farrier business in winter is great! said nobody, ever ha..), it's hard to scrape together the dollars needed to make the repairs there. 
I'm still staying hopeful that we'll be able to sort something come spring, so the dark winter evenings in the saddle will hopefully end up paying off towards the end of the year.

Whilst the trailer is out of action, a local girl has managed to bring together enough participants to get someone in to host a pole work and jumping clinic at the arena next month, which I am super excited for! I put Oscar and I down for pole work in the morning and jumping in the afternoon, and it's nice to have something to look forward to and something to keep me riding even when I just feel like curling into a ball on the sofa with a hot coffee and a bar of chocolate. 

On a more positive note, all of the difficult stuff C was drilling us on (who knew going straight was difficult?!) is starting to come to us much quicker, and Oscar is offering that much more in his way of going as a consequence. I feel like the spookiness that haunted us in every dressage test we completed last winter has finally bit the dust.. either that, or I have learnt to cope better with my horse's overactive imagination. Perseverance paid off, and I can only imagine how much fun we'd be having at the dressage series this year! If we can get out eventing next season we are set to have a ball, I'm absolutely certain of it! My show jumping nerves are surely shrinking away like Oscar's spookiness, and I feel more excited than nervous to jump these days. We're getting back to being the awesome team we were during our time at pony club, which makes me happier than you could imagine. Again, perseverance and fostering a "just do it" attitude was key here.

If I can apply that attitude to saving money, we'll be tearing across country in no time! Until then we'll just keep drinking coffee and working on getting awesome..


  1. I definitely feel like I could have written this blog title today (also damn its such a good blog title). You can do it!

  2. Awwww he looks great! And more coffee for all. Always. :)