Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Second-to-Last Post, & New Beginnings

I've worded and reworded this post a hundred times, and still haven't figured out how to say everything that I want to say in a short and concise post, whilst still doing it justice. I've grown incredibly attached to this little Blogger space and will be sad to move on, but I am moving on. To bigger and better things, or so I hope. I'm making the shift to!

A lot has changed for me over the last couple of months or so, and I'll explain these changes in more detail at a later date. Everything is exciting again, and I've finally identified and overcome so many mental barriers that I didn't even know existed. Sports psychology has helped me more than I could say, but I'll try to say it all - over at Wordpress.

It's a long and technical process, trying to shift all my old posts over to the new site. I've 'rebranded' so to speak, and you can now find me under 'Bay Horse Eventing'.
Oh and guess what?! .. we're going eventing again this side of the season!! Mum, being the holder of the purse strings, has given me the go ahead for float repairs!

I'll be back with more in a fortnight, over at There'll be an international giveaway to kick things off and in the meantime I'll be riding hard and reading everyone else's blogs. I just need a week or so to get to grips with Wordpress and get the design just how I want it.

Hope you guys stay tuned for my next post - which will be the last post - where I'll link up the giveaway and new site.


  1. I'm always curious why people make the switch

    1. From what I gather, people usually make the switch when they want to start monetising their blogs, as offers more functions and is therefore a more 'professional' platform. I personally decided to switch after chatting to another blogger friend who loved for her own blog.

      I feel like I want to be able to offer something to anyone who may like to sponsor me in the future and a non-blogger domain seems to be more enticing for other businesses when they're looking at spreading their own online presence. Competing in registered events is so expensive on a student's income, without the cost of feed, supplements, gear, and replacing worn and torn things.. and so I'm planning to start approaching people for sponsorship soon. Wordpress feels like a better fit for purpose if ya know what I mean?

      Totally should have written the above in the original post!!! :D

  2. SO exciting! Can't wait to see it when its ready!